Tournament Outline

Welcome to DARTSLIVE CUP SINGAPORE 2019. This is a whole new tournament concept for the soft tip darts community. It is also important to equip yourself with all the knowledge on the rules and regulations of this tournament.


List of participating outlets

  • **Min. 32 players in respective divisions and categories in order to proceed for semi finals and finals



  • Players must register through www.dlcup.live, complete 1-time online registration with payment to get a valid QS ID in order to participate in this tournament.
  • Must have valid DARTSLIVE CARD with valid RATING.
    • All DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL LEAGUE Players must register with their League Card.
  • Must submit a minimum of 4 sets of scores to qualify for Semi-Final and Final.


  • Open Division
    • OPEN division is open to all players of participating countries only, ranked respectively in Main (SG) or Main (International) based on Nationality. 
    • Players from countries not listed in participating countries will qualify and be ranked under International Others
  • Graded Flights - A / B / C Flights
    • Players must be DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL LEAGUE Players of the participating countries in order to take part in A/B/C flights.
    • Players will be ranked in respective pool based on nationality.
    • Bust Rule applies for graded flights.
    • Players must register with their DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL LEAGUE Card during registration.
    • The operator of each country will decide on league eligibility. Players are advised to refer to the local kit.


  • Main Ranking (Total of 2 Sets)
    • Players are ranked based on the Qualifying Slots (“QS”) Scores (recorded via their QS Scoresheet) when playing in the respective participating countries and submitted online to www.dlcup.live
    • A number of top-ranked players per category (specified in the table below) will progress to Singapore for Semi-Final Round & Top 2 progress direct to Final Round.
    • Players must be DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL LEAGUE Players of the participating countries in order to take part in A/B/C flights.
    • Players will be ranked in their respective pool based on nationality.

  • Mixed Ranking (Total of 2 Sets)

    • Scores submitted by Players who did not get into the Main Ranking will be ranked together under 1 mixed group ranking regardless of countries. A number of top-ranked players will also progress to Semi-Final Round (number per division is specified in the table below).


  • Desperado (Total of 1 Set)

    • All players who have submitted at least 4 QS Scores but did not qualified for Main or Mixed ranking can make a last attempt in Singapore to get into Desperado Ranking and progress to Semi-Final Round. 


  • International Others (Total of 2 Sets)

    • International Others is open for all players from non-participating countries. Top 4 ranked will qualify to Semi-Final Round of Open Division. 



■ 1-time Participation Registration
» Participating Countries: SGD 20
» International Others: SGD 100

■ Qualifying Slot (QS) Scoresheet per sheet
» Singapore: SGD 2.00
» Australia: AUD 2.00
» Hong Kong: HKD 10.00
» Malaysia: MYR 5.00
» Taiwan: TWD 40.00
» Hawaii: USD 2.00

■ SEMI-FINAL Registration Fee
» Participating Countries: SGD 20
» International Others: SGD 100





  • Qualifying Slots (QS)
    Highest 1 set of COUNT-UP Medley score submitted in the QS, will be used as the tie-breaker.
  • Semi-Final & Final
    Highest 1 set of COUNT-UP Medley score played during the Semi-Final and Final will be used as the tie-breaker, respectively.
    • Sudden Death – If a tie-breaker cannot be broken, affected players will play a game of COUNT-UP.  Highest COUNT-UP score will be considered the winner
  • Step-Ladder Grand Final
    The player who wins 2 out of 3 games in the single COUNT-UP Medley set will be used as the tie-breaker.


  • To deem QS Scoresheet as valid, players must:
    • complete a set of COUNT-UP MEDLEY* with a fellow participant of the event; 
    • fill in scoresheet serial number of the partner played with for the qualifying;
    • ensure all fields are filled up;
    • ensure category is selected;
    • ensure partner's, shops and own signature and company stamp of shop is affixed on the scoresheet before submitting the photo online via the QR code on the QS Scoresheet.
  • It is the responsibility of the player to ensure and verify that the correct scores are recorded in the official scoresheet and countersigned by both players before submitting the scoresheet.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any scoresheet that is found to be not completed in order, amended or contains fraudulent score(s).
  • Any player found to be cheating and/or sandbagging will be dropped out of the tournament with all submitted scores void and may be banned from participating in future tournament(s).
  • QS Scoresheet must be countersigned by both players with the shop’s signature and company stamp to be valid. Incomplete Scoresheet will be rejected and voided, and no refund will be entertained.


  • Bust Rule only applies for A Flight, B Flight & C Flight.
  • Bust Rule does not apply to Semi-Final, Final and Step-Ladder Grand Final.
  • Bust Rule applies to any player whose tournament statistics exceed 4 or more points above their registered rating.
  • Bust Player’s score will be rendered void and removed from the Ranking Tables. 
  • Bust Player may check with his/her local representative with regards to eligibility to qualify for a higher Division.
  • Players in the following divisions: A Flight, B Flight & C Flight will have their ratings verified at 4 intervals:
    •  (a)  Point of Registration for QS ID;
    •  (b)  1st Re-rate:     1 week from Start Date
    •  (c)  2nd Re-Rate:   3 weeks from Start Date
    •  (d)  3rd Re-Rate:   5 weeks from start Date
  • Players will be informed in advance should there be a change of categories due to the change of ratings.



  • All players are required to be in appropriate attire.
  • All players must present a clean and neat appearance.
  • Male players are not allowed to wear shorts or Bermuda shorts.
  • All shirts must have sleeves.
  • No cut-offs or ragged edge hems on any shirts.
  • Shoes must be worn in the tournament venue at all times.
  • No unauthorised use of shirts similar in style to the staff shirts is allowed on the tournament floor.
  • Any player found not properly attired will have the right to take one fifteen (15) minute grace period to make the necessary change. Thereafter, there will be NO grace period and the player will be disqualified from the match.


  • Any matters arising that are not covered herein will be decided at the sole discretion of the Organizer.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to review the rating, reject entries, negate or modify any rule contained herein when it is necessary to protect the parity system of this tournament.

Posted on October 3, 2019