DARTSLIVE CUP 2019 Finals Outline

After 1 month of qualifying and 2 weeks of score verifications, here are what you need to know for finals and the completed list of finalists for the first-ever DARTSLIVE CUP SINGAPORE 2019.  There are some changes from online ranking due to the score verification process.  For any clarifications, please email sg_inquiry@dartslive.com

Please refer to the outline for the final and see you in January 2020!

Event Outline   |   Desperado and International Others   |   Semi-Finals & Finals   |   Schedule   |   Prize Table   |   Mix HiLo (Side Event)   |   Rules and Regulations   |   Finalist Listing

Event Outline

(updated 31 December 2019)

Bugis+ Level 2 Atrium and iDarts Bugis+ (Level 3)
201 Victoria St, Singapore 188067

【Recommended Hotel】
Mercure Bugis Singapore
Download Reservation Form here


【Game Format】
Ranked by 5 sets of COUNT-UP MEDLEY in both Semi Finals and Finals



  • DESPERADOS - 17:00-21:00 (@i Darts Bugis+)
    • *Players who hold a valid QS_ID can register for Desperado to try for the last chance to qualify into the Semi-Finals
    • Fee: $10 (Max single try).
    • Players will be ranked based on a single game of COUNT-UP MEDLEY, and Top 4 from each flight will earn a spot for the Semi-Finals. 


  • INTERNATIONAL OTHERS - 17:00-21:00 (@i Darts Bugis+)
    • *Players who are not from Participating countries (Other than Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hawaii, Hong Kong and Taiwan) can come and try for the slots for the Semi-Final. 
    • SG$100 (Unlimited tries till last call) 

Semi-Finals & Finals

*If participating players for Semi-Finals are less than 32, 80% will be progressed to Finals. 

【Saturday 11 Jan, 2020】 SEMI-FINALS

All CHECK-IN at Bugis+ Atrium 

  • A / C Flight 
    Check in 10:00am 
    Game on 11:00am 
  • OPEN / B Flight 
    Check in 1:00pm 
    Game on 2:00pm 
  • Mix HiLo Check in/Registration 3:30pm-5:00pm 


【Sunday 12 Jan, 2020】 FINALS

All CHECK-IN at Bugis+ Atrium 

  • A / C Flight 
    Check in 10:00 
    Game on 10:30 
  • OPEN / B Flight 
    Check in 12:30pm 
    Game on 1:30pm 
  • Mix HiLo Check in/Registration 5:30pm-6:00pm 

【Prize Table】

*Please note that Prize Money for OPEN and A FLIGHT has been decreased due to insufficient entry for the 100% payout. 

【Mix HiLo Tournament Info】
**Only for finalists of DARTSLIVE CUP SINGAPORE 2019

Registration Fee: $20 per player
Team Format: Doubles High-Low Draw
Game Format: 501 - 501 - 501 (11 Jan) / 501 - CRI - 501 (12 Jan)
01 Rule: OI/OO

Confirm your attendance and register for Mix HiLo here before 6 Jan 6 PM: https://tinyurl.com/DLCup2019
**You must qualify for semi-finals and finals of DARTSLIVE CUP 2019 in order to participate in Mix HiLo.

Rules and Regulations


  • Semi-Finals will be conducted with 5 sets of COUNT-UP MEDLEY. The ranking is determined by the total score of 5 games. Top 32 Players OR Top 80% (if less than 32 players participating), in the flight will proceed to the Final round on Sunday.
  • Opponents for each game will be randomly assigned by the tournament organizer.



  • Finals will be conducted with 5 sets of COUNT-UP MEDLEY. The ranking is determined by the total score of 5 games. Top 3 Players will proceed to the Step-Ladder Grand Finals.
  • Opponents for each game will be randomly assigned by the tournament organizer.


Step-Ladder Grand Finals

  • Top 3 players from each Flight will move onto Step-Ladder Grand Finals.
  • First Match: Ranking No. 2 will play against Ranking No. 3.
  • Second Match: Winner of Match 1 will play against Ranking No. 1.
  • Final Match: Only occurs if Ranking No. 2 or 3 wins Match 2 against Ranking No. 1. Ranking No. 2 and 3 will play against each other again.
  • If the score is tied on the Count-Up Medley in Step-Ladder Grand Finals, players will play to win 2 LEGS will win the match.


Throwing Order

  • Throwing order of the 1st LEG will be decided by corking.
  • The coin toss function of DARTSLIVE2 will be used for deciding who throws the cork first.
  • The player who throws closer to the center of the BULL can decide the throwing order.
  • If the first player's dart hits the exact center of the BULL, the second player is required to verify the location, remove the first player's dart, then throw the cork.
  • The winner of the cork can decide the throwing order of the 1st LEG.
  • From the second LEG onwards, it will be alternate starts.


Amendment of incorrect scoring

  • If any darts machine records the score incorrectly and the darts remain on the board, a referee should be called and the "Reverse A Round" function will be used to reverse the score. The correct score will be entered by the referee by pressing the target segment where the dart is stuck. No player should use this function but a referee. If the amendment of the score was agreed upon by both parties, then the game can be proceeded by the players themselves.
  • Incorrect scores cannot be amended in the case of:
    • darts are removed from the board
    • the round has been forwarded to the next player and the player has already thrown their darts.
  • In case the game was interrupted by technical failures (e.g. power failure) a referee will restore the last game with the agreement of both players. If the restoration is not possible, the LEG will be reset, and players will be asked to start over.


Dress code

  • All players are required to compete in tournament appropriate attire.
  • All players must present a clean and neat appearance.
  • No shorts/bermuda shorts are allowed for men.
  • All shirts must have sleeves.
  • No cut-offs or ragged-edge hems on any shirts are allowed.
  • Shoes must be worn in the tournament venue at all times.
  • No unauthorized use of shirts similar in style to DARTSLIVE SINGAPORE staff shirts will be allowed on the tournament floor.

Penalty for not obeying the Dress Code

Any player not in the proper attire will have the right to take one 15-minute grace period to make the necessary change(s). Thereafter there will be NO grace period and the player will be disqualified from their Match.


* No outside food or drinks allowed in the venue.
* The Tournament organizer reserves the right to negate or modify any rule contained herein when it is necessary to protect the parity system of this tournament.

Finalist Listing

Open Category




A Flight





B Flight




C Flight




Updated as of 20 Dec 2019, 4pm

【Reserved B/C Flight Players】

Reserved players will be called up by 7 Jan to be informed if a slot is available.

Please confirm your attendance if you are coming for DARTSLIVE CUP before 6 Jan 2020, 6 PM: https://tinyurl.com/DLCup2019

For all other tournament information, please read:  https://dlcup.live/pages/tournament-outline

The Tournament Organiser reserves the right to negate or modify any rule contained herein when it is necessary to protect the parity system of this tournament.

Posted on December 11, 2019